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Training Academy for Gyroscopic mapping of underground utilities

The most reliable way to obtain accurate as-built data of underground utility pipes and ducts.

Our online Academy the basic fundamentals of setting up a tool, operational activities, and data processing

Online Training

On Site Training

Benefit from experienced users and book a live training at one of the Reduct Academies

Learning how to operate Gyro-mapping solutions

Gyro-mapping, like many other sophisticated in-pipe inspection technologies and devices, yields the best results if the operator understands the do’s and don’ts of operating the tools. That basic operational activities may not seem complex, but the sensitive sensors inside the Reduct devices pick up all movements, both good and bad.

One thing we have learned over several decades is that no two measurements are alike. Learning how to set a system up correctly for a certain type of pipe, or how to perform the recommended operational procedure is vital to obtaining the highest result time and again. Starting from a solid base is essential, experience over time will gradually raise you to expert level.

And do not worry, the Reduct team is right behind you during the learning phase for support and advice.